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Amnesia CBD

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Cookie Kush CBD

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Purple Punch CBD

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Sour Diesel CBD

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CBD Flowers Green House
Leaf O’Clock offers its customers throughout Europe CBD Greenhouse flowers at reduced prices. Indeed, several varieties of CBD flowers are available at Leaf O’Clock:

Amnesia CBD: Amnesia CBD is a very popular CBD strain with a Sativa-dominant profile and a high CBD content of up to 25%. This strain has an earthy flavor and aroma that is similar to fruits in the citrus family, particularly lemons and oranges. Amnesia CBD buds have very sativa-looking pointed nuggets, which are so crystalline that they almost look hairy. The smell is very easy to recognize.

Sour Diesel CBD: This Greenhouse strain in our collection has one of the most pungent aromas of any strain, similar to Diesel Gas with a hint of lemon, plus Sour Diesel CBD can reach an incredible 20% CBD. The appearance of sour diesel is dense light green nuggets covered with orange hairs.

Purple Punch CBD: Purple Punch CBD has a nice nugget, aromas of earthy blueberries and grapes are accented by a sweet herbaceous note. The flavor of this strain is very sweet with a vanilla blueberry taste with a touch of slightly sour grape candy. Purple Punch CBD has oversized bright neon green buds with sparse red orange hairs and stunning purple highlights.

Cookie Kush CBD: Cookie Kush CBD’s CBD levels average 15-20% or more, but what really makes this strain special is its pairing with an uncommon creamy flavor. This strain has a strong kush flavor that is lightened with creamy lime. Cookie Kush CBD buds are olive green and the orange hairs that wrap each nug are orange and yellow.

So don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the best prices on CBD Greenhouse flowers!

How are CBD Greenhouse flowers grown?
The cultivation of CBD Greenhouse flowers is done with care in order to obtain the best results. Indeed, several factors are taken into account such as the quality of the soil, exposure to the sun, watering and the type of fertilizer used. All this results in a strong, healthy plant that will produce flowers rich in cannabidiol.

The benefits of Greenhouse CBD flowers?
Greenhouse CBD flowers are known to be of very good quality and have many benefits. In fact, they help relieve pain, reduce anxiety and stress, but also help with concentration. Additionally, Greenhouse CBD flowers have a pleasant taste and are easy to consume. So don’t wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of CBD Greenhouse flowers!

Are Greenhouse CBD flowers legal in France and other European countries?
Yes, Greenhouse CBD flowers are legal in most European countries, including France. Indeed, cannabidiol is a substance that does not have psychoactive properties and is therefore legal in many countries. However, it is important to find out about the laws in force in your own country before consuming CBD Greenhouse flowers.

What are the side effects following the consumption of Greenhouse CBD flowers?
The side effects of CBD Greenhouse flowers are generally very mild and only affect people who are sensitive to them. Indeed, certain side effects may be felt such as fatigue, irritability or drowsiness. However, these effects usually disappear quickly and do not pose a health hazard.

Where to buy CBD flowers?
At Leaf O’Clock, you can find all varieties of CBD flowers and other CBD products too (oils, vape, resins, etc.).

Indeed, our online store offers you a wide choice of quality CBD products at very attractive prices. So don’t hesitate any longer and make your purchases in just a few clicks!

How do I know that CBD flowers are beneficial for me?
It is important to know that CBD flowers are beneficial for everyone, but some effects may be more pronounced in certain people. Indeed, people who suffer from anxiety, stress or chronic pain can see a significant improvement in their condition after consuming CBD flowers. Additionally, CBD flowers are also known to help with concentration and relaxation. So don’t hesitate to try CBD flowers!

Cheap CBD flowers at Leaf O’Clock
At Leaf O’Clock, we make a point of offering you the best prices on CBD flowers. In fact, we work directly with growers and producers to guarantee you cheap prices all year round. So don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the best prices on CBD flowers!