Our mission

Our mission is to offer the best quality of CBD products and its derivatives at very competitive prices. We intend to offer only very high quality products under our brand name. These products will be sent via our storage partners (pro detail delivery company) as soon as possible to our customers (24 hours -3 days). In terms of selling prices, we can afford, given our situation as a wholesaler in the middle, to sell 10-15% less than our direct competitors, and this for all the different product ranges.

Our values

The brand has as its first fundamental value, which could even be our slogan “We will never sell products to your families that we will not give to ours”. We make it a point of honor to work only with the best quality products that have successfully passed all the tests related to safe human or animal consumption. We favor products from ecological and sustainable farms. We donate part of our profits to non-profit associations involved in nature conservation.

Promise of Leaf O'Clock

We are going to offer our customers the best quality CBD products at the best possible prices on the European market. As well as the best logistics system and the best after-sales service possible, compared to what is done by the competition.